UAB Cell Phone Policy

Justification for the purchase of a cellular telephone or for the payment of a contract for ongoing airtime charges must be approved by the appropriate Vice President.

The appropriate form should be used for requesting the purchase or for requesting inclusion in the airtime contract of the University. Approval may only be granted when the use of a cellular telephone best meets a particular institutional communication need and not for user convenience. To this end, other options such as two-way radios and pagers should be considered. Cellular telephones should be used for UAB business only. In the event of a disaster or emergency affecting the University, cellular telephones in non-critical areas will be redistributed to predefined areas.

Requisitions for cellular telephone equipment or charges to airtime suppliers will not be honored by the Purchasing Department unless a properly executed form is attached.

The Office of UAB Communication Services is responsible for the development and maintenance of procedures to implement this policy.