Why Have a Cell Phone Contract for UAB?

Why can’t each individual find their best deal from any vendor?  There are two answers to this question.

First,  it is the law that when a state institution spends a certain amount of money on a particular service, all vendors are given an equal opportunity to bid on the service. So, if your UAB department is going to pay for cellular service for UAB business use, it must be within certain guidelines and coordinated through UAB Communications.

Second,  UAB Communications works hard to make sure you get a better deal than you can get as an individual.

Advantages to the UAB Contract for business use phones compared to public prices with Verizon Wireless include:

  • Phone prices are lower through UAB (one year contracts instead of two);
  • You can upgrade your phone once a year for $10 plus the cost of the phone;
  • You can cancel your phone contract at anytime without penalty.
  • All calling plans are priced lower than the public’s price;
  • Repair and replacement of damaged phones policy is better, loaner phones provided at no charge;
  • New Service activation is lower with UAB.

Who is looking out for our interests?

Frequently Asked Questions

UAB Communications has several people at work for you. Ed Ramsey (4-1527) works in UAB Communications and handles the setting up of new accounts, ordering new phones, questions, and problems that occur. Other staff members at UAB Communications also assist Ed in his daily tasks.

We also have a wireless consultant, Malcolm Marler, a UAB employee who has expertise regarding cell phone companies and services in Birmingham. Malcolm checks on trends and changes regularly in the wireless industry, and also meets with Verizon representatives to anticipate upcoming changes and how those changes can work to UAB’s advantage. Malcolm’s specialty focuses on wireless technology and smartphones.

Please contact Ed Ramsey first at 4-1527, or eramsey@uab.edu.