Verizon Support

Technical Problems or Questions?
If you have technical problems or questions with your phone as you travel, or if it is after normal work hours (M-F, 8-5), you may call Verizon Wireless Customer Support for Business Accounts by dialing toll-free 800-922-0204 from any phone. You will be able to receive information about your account and get the technical support that you need.

You may also call regular Verizon Customer Service from your cell phone by dialing 611 which is a free call. When you reach Customer Service, you will need to ask to be transferred to Business Accounts.

Please be aware that Customer Service will be aware of the UAB contract with Verizon Wireless related to pricing of calling plans or phones and you will be referred back to Ed Ramsey.

Update your phone software on a monthly basis

Dial *228 and press “Send” on your cell phone. Press “2” to update your roaming capabilities. It will take less than 15 seconds.

The above procedure reduces the chance of a call being dropped, helps your battery life, and makes sure you are connecting to the closest tower for the best signal at all times.